A Beautiful Mess is a social enterprise, and we comply with the Code of Social Enterprises. We were initiated by Refugee Company, a foundation supported through subsidies and sponsorships. Refugee Company organizes highly popular charity dinner events twice a year.


The diversity of our people, their backgrounds and their unique talents lie at the heart of A Beautiful Mess. At our place, people with a refugee background work together with locals. Acknowledging what our participants have been through, is combined with a straight up can-do mentality. Clichés are often true, so here it comes: the future starts today.


173 JOBS



Over the past 4.5 years, more than 170 participants from A Beautiful Mess found a paid job. We’re very proud of that, but that’s no reason to slow down. We’re moving forward and we are growing. This summer A Beautiful Mess in Amsterdam moved her restaurant from inside to outside: discover Bajes Beach Club. We’ve also opened a location of A Beautiful Mess in Arnhem this summer. Later this summer we are opening a cafe/meeting place in Utrecht. As ever, our aim is to create more safe spaces where people with a refugee background can feel supported and begin building a new life.