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Community Café

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In March 2023 we have opened a new Community Café in Arnhem. A meeting place for people living in the shelters at the Rijnkade: a living room with various activities.

Community Café

Two afternoons a week, people can visit the café across the road, where residents and employees of Refugee Company work together. Everyone is welcome. It is a nice and safe place, we coöperate with many different organizations to make it a lively place. At the moment we do not yet have the facilities to provide you with our delicious food.


People who live at the shelters on the boats can take Dutch language lessons in the café, participate in workshops about Dutch society and learn catering skills such as making cappuccinos.

Cook Together

The employees of A Beautiful Mess cook together with a group of volunteers living on the boats. They cook a "Community Meal" every month for all residents.

Connection Café

Every month we organize our Connection Cafés, a musical and culinary party to meet and have fun together.

Come visit us

A Beautiful Mess – Arnhem – Community Café
Nieuwe Kade 17
6827 AA Arnhem



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Follow us to stay up-to-date on how we are building a strong and more inclusive society. In the end, we are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed to this, and we can’t wait to see you in our cafe soon!

Local residents from Arnhem are welcome for a cup of coffee on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and at the Connection Cafés

Opening hours

Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon from 1PM to 5PM.