Hacked by __ is a sustainable fashion brand that offers an alternative to “fast fashion” (the constant influx of new clothing for sale in stores at low prices). We produced a collection for them using overstock and leftover fabric as materials. Excessive garments and superfluous fashion items were not destroyed, but reused instead.



We collaborated on a project from designer Linda Valkeman and style anthropologist Carmen Hogg to make a collection for fashion brand Bonne Suits. Our tailors used jeans collected by the Sympany foundation from their donation bins in Amsterdam. The M-ODE Foundation also supported this unique initiative.


Well-known streetwear brand Patta joined A Beautiful Mess community in 2019. We developed a capsule collection together with them, which will launch in 2020. And our tailors used unsold Patta hoodies to manufacture apparel for afro dolls made by Coloured Goodies.


We make clothing for brands like Hacked by __, Patta, Bonne Suits and Danielle Cathari. Interested in working with us? We’d love to add you to our list of clients.


We specialize in reusing discarded clothing and developing new collections using deadstock from the fashion industry. The minimum order quantity is 100, prices are available upon request. Reach us at: atelier@refugeecompany.com. atelier@refugeecompany.com.


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