Mujadara for Beirut

The menu at all of our A Beautiful Mess restaurants has been strongly influenced by Lebanese cuisine. With great sadness we are witnessing the tragedy currently taking place in Beirut. After the explosion that took place in August help is much needed. At A Beautiful Mess we want to contribute by serving a typically Lebanese dish throughout the month of September. It is called mujadara and for every dish sold a part of the proceeds will go to Beirut.


On 30 September we will announce the final amount raised with a fitting program:  

18.00   Walk in with photo exposition: Skate for Beirut
18.30   Share two different kinds of mujadara
19.00   Live music: Midist/Wasim
19.30   Start film: Capharnaüm of Nadine Labaki
21.30   End of the film
A ticket for this special evening is €25, all profit will be donated to the reconstruction of Beirut. We will cook delicious mujadara, a beautiful song will be dedicated to Beirut by Midist/Wasim and the moving film Capharnaüm will be playing. There will also be prints for sale from the exquisite exposition Skate for Beirut.

The rules for COVID-19 will of course be obeyed this evening.

We would like to thank Nadine Labaki, Outdoor Cinema, Midist/Wasim, Skate for Beirut and Lab 11 for making this evening possible.


On Tuesday 4 August just after six o’clock about 2.750 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port of Beirut. The damage was enormous in a large part of the city, two neighbourhoods were completely wiped out. These were the entertainment districts where most of the restaurants are located. There is currently a shortage of everything: houses are destroyed, people are hungry and there is no work. On top of that, Lebanon is dealing with a failing government.

Among others, the money we raise with the #mujadaraforbeirut fundraiser goes to the emergency community kitchen of restaurant Tawlet and to support the producers of the farmer’s market Souk el Tayeb. We also donate to other local NGOs such as Beit el Baraka or Baytna Baytak. They support families in Beirut, help build and repair houses and provide food on the table. All are small organisations which effectively make a difference.


The mujadara for Beirut will be available at A Beautiful Mess Amsterdam and A Beautiful Mess Arnhem throughout September for a price of €10. Starting September 20th a list of other restaurants in Amsterdam will offer their version of the mujadara. For every mujadara sold €2,50 will be donated to the Beirut disaster relief. We are not in this alone. 

At these restaurants you will be able to taste a version of this Lebanese classic, starting September 20th:

We are truly grateful that in these already difficult times, these restaurants are willing to support us raising money for Beirut.


Mujadara is a fantastic poor man’s dish from Lebanon. It’s made with lentils, rice or bulgur and topped with lots of sweet caramelised onions. Cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric give our mujadara a nice and spicy twist. To finish it off we serve it with a dash of fresh dill yoghurt and some chili-garlic butter. This classic from Beirut is simple, vegetarian and incredibly flavourful.


Beirut has a special place in the heart of our creative chef Merijn Tol, and many others who are involved in A Beautiful Mess. For years Merijn spent six months a year in Beirut and wrote a beautiful cookbook about her favourite city. In her book she describes the rich Beirut food scene through the eyes of her friends. Since the explosion she has started multiple fundraisers to help the people of Beirut rebuild their lives.

‘Beiroet is schizofreen, gek, chaos, onmogelijk, vol contrast, gevangen en vrijheid, avontuur, kleurrijk, spontaan, gastvrij en warm… maar vooral: alive and kicking.’