A Beautiful Mess is a social enterprise and an initiative of Refugee Company foundation. Together, we support people with a refugee background by creating a safe, welcoming environment in which people who’ve fled to the Netherlands can begin to orientate themselves in Dutch society and the job market.


The people who join A Beautiful Mess work in our restaurants or in our Makerspace where they learn to speak Dutch and improve their knowledge and skills. While doing so, they often make friends for life.


Through the work we do, we aim to re-frame the narrative and contribute to a more positive image of people who have a refugee background. People with a refugee background often have a lot to offer our society—and we’re here to help them do just that.


Refugee Company runs The Connectors buddy programme where people with a refugee background pair up with locals who help introduce them to the city. A Beautiful Mess hosts regular Connectors Café events.


After people leave our programmes to work or follow further education, we don’t drop them. We support them for two more years in a variety of ways including via Mindfulness training and psychosocial support.

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