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About us

A Beautiful Mess is a hospitality concept developed by Refugee Company.
Arrive, get settled, find a job, live.

Our Services

Have your meeting or event at one of our beautiful locations and make strong impact. We also offer catering services anywhere you want, for either corporate drinks or a private party.


Together we make our restaurants into a nice place where people can be who they are and develop their skills.


By exchanging knowledge and skills as well as recipes and stories from all over the world, connections for life are established.

Refugee company

‘Refugee’ is not someone’s identity, it’s a temporary phase in a person’s life. That is why we have been striking through the word ‘refugee’ in our company name for 7 years now. We prefer calling our staff ‘people who once fled to the Netherlands’ but even better than that is simply calling one another by their name. Refugee Company offers paid jobs and voluntary work in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem. As a result, Beriha, Lubna, Mohammed and all others are able to get work experience and become economically independent. 


It is our mission to create great jobs together with local governments, businesses, sponsors, and our social enterprises A Beautiful Mess and Mondmaskerfabriek. We aim to match as many participants as possible to great jobs in the Netherlands. In a world gradually becoming less equal and less peaceful, our goal is to establish an inclusive society in which everyone has a role to play and is considered valuable. 

Our clients