Come eat with us! At A Beautiful Mess, you’ll enjoy fusion dishes with influences from all over the world and we serve coffee by Dutch coffee roasters Bocca.


We have decided to again close our restaurant A Beautiful Mess in Amsterdam for a while. Because of corona, unfortunately, we see no other way possible. We put the health of our people and guests above all else and for that reason, we are temporarily closing our doors. But our goal is to welcome you all with open arms when it is safe again.


Most of our staff have a refugee background. To them, our restaurant is a safe, welcoming space where they can work in a team and get used to a new daily routine. The people who join us are participants in our re-start programme and they work in our kitchen or wait tables. They get a taste of working in the food service industry, learn Dutch, and become stronger.


After six months, participants move on to further education or a job. A whole new team then enters the restaurant bringing recipes from back home—and the menu changes. The food is always delicious. Come on over, you’ll love it!