A Beautiful Mess of

Our menus are crafted by our chefs, who have brought their authentic recipes from countries like Syria, Iraq or Eritrea. Enjoy the rich culinary traditions of the Middle-Eastern and Levantine Kitchen with delicious mezze. Mezze are small dishes perfect for sharing, ideal if you like to try various dishes from the menu.

Vegetarian & vegan

A Beautiful Mess is an ideal place if you want to go out for a vegetarian or vegan meal. Our dishes are inspired by Middle-Eastern cusine, known for its use of fresh, vegetarian ingredients such as chickpeas, olives, rice and pomegranate. As a result, the majority of dishes on our menu consist of meat-free dishes, although dishes with meat are also avaliable. At A Beautiful Mess, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


All the food served at A Beautiful Mess is entirely halal. Everyone should be able to enjoy our food. Especially since our team consists of different cultural backgrounds, we think it’s important that our dishes can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.