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at A Beautiful Mess: the finest and cosiest restaurants serving delicious food from the Middle East and Africa. Cooked with love.

Our dishes

Have a seat at the chef’s table in our restaurant to see for yourself how our food is prepared. Enjoy our food from around the world, full of flavours.

A Beautiful Mess

In our restaurants, people eat together and feel connected to one another. You will taste the best flavours from meals from around the world, just like our chefs and our waiters. We are one!

Food for thought

A Beautiful Mess gathers flavours, people, and stories from all over the world. Taste the adventure, enjoy the smell of all kinds of herbs and spices, ask our chefs and our staff for the stories behind the meals on the menu.


Enjoy the outdoors, our summer drinks, and our dishes from around the world on our great terraces. Come and enjoy life with us, just eat with your hands and propose a toast to your friends and family.

Unique locations

Every location is unique. In Amsterdam, we’re in a four-star hotel in the eastern part of town, while our venue in Arnhem is located in a 17th century mill barn at the outskirts of Sonsbeek Park. Our location in Utrecht can be found right in the middle of the local asylum seekers centre.


A Beautiful Mess creates unforgettable moments. Our talented staff, stylists, designers and musicians all help to convert any location and any event into a top-notch party that people will remember.

A Beautiful Mess #touchedlives

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